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Manslaughter conviction nets motorist 75 months

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Mr Tubbs was a long time regular in the comments section here on the NewsRegister. He always posted under his real name. He was a wonderful man who posted exactly what he felt whether it was popular or not...and even if you disagreed with him you couldn't help but admit that his posts had the tone and tenor of a man with a warm, kind and sincere heart.


I thought his name looked familiar Joel2828, it must be from here that I recognize the name. Bless that family for offering their forgiveness, that takes a huge heart. The way they speak of their father, they obviously learned grace from him.

Joel2828 true! It's great to see a family offer forgiveness to someone in this kind of situation. It's so hard for most of us to do, but it's powerful medicine for healing the heart.


Thank you for setting the record strait. The past year has been incredibly trying on me and all of my siblings. The ripple effect of that day can be seen in all aspects of my life. We are grateful the Oregon State Police investigation and District Attorney brought justice for our fathers death.


WOW - why such a light sentence on the crime committed AFTER this terrible one in Tillamook county? - perhaps there might be some connection to the Tillamook county head prosecution attorney Bill Porter?????


me2...though the crime in Yamhill County occurred before the one in Tillamook County, he had not been charged yet in Yamhill County when arrested and allowed to enter diversion in Tillamook County. The Tillamook County District Attorney's Office did nothing improper by following the law when prosecuting him there.


Would like to thank the yamhill news register for writing this story so people knew the real truth to this crash. Yes my dad was a forgiving person and myself and my siblings saw in this young mans face guilt and remorse something he will live with forever. Hige thamks to the Yamhill County Da office for there dilligence in seeing this thru to a conviction and the Oregon state police for there investigation to my fathers accident. Glad to see my father made a impression that was felt in the world and will always be in his childrens hearts Rip Michael Tubbs Sr.

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