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Man arrested on meth charges

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I don't under stand this "article". Why isn't there a little story for everybody arrested for meth charges? I mean, there are several logged in the Yamhill County Jail right now, but none of those folks got the privilege of being mentioned in a separate individualized article.


It could be because this fine, upstanding member of society has a rap sheet longer than my arm going back over a decade. Does career criminal come to mind?

troy prouty

I lot of people in jail have possesion charges, not delivery. Which may play into it - also I think it matters how much content or other stories are out there.

Troy Prouty*

"someone asked me why I put * after my name? Isn't obvious, to annoy you!"

Mark Langlois

I'm sure this guys going to spend a nice time in prison as well... Get another loser off the street.


Finally this idiot is arrested.

soccer mom

So this is beyond a carreer criminal. He has wasted many thousands of dollars paid by us "the taxpayer" because he doesn't learn, and Yamhill County has continued to "slap his hand". It is so sad. We need to toughen up our laws to hell with rehabilitating habitual offenders and give them stiffer sentences. I am not talking allowing them to sit in a jail cell and watch tv, work out, get a free education. I mean make these people work sun up to sun down and then return to their cell with a bed and toilet. He wants to make a quick buck well how about he make a buck trully working has butt off. Quite frustrating to know that yet again this person is in trouble and for as long as I have known him (thru services rendered to him) he is yet again in trouble.

skull crusher

Sounds like someone needs a punch to the throat!

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