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Man accused of hate crime against Oregon teen

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John Smith Jr

crimes of hate should be severly punished, this is a country with so many people from so many different countries and even our citizens have so many different ethnicities and backgrounds that we can't afford to start letting our youth (or anyone) think that just because they are white, they belong here more or have more rights than our non-white neighbors. racism hurts everyone and it needs to stop.


What a shame that this boy had to endure the cruelty and hatred of these others, but more, what a shame, that these youths have no reservations about treating a young boy in this manner, The fact that these children find it appropriate to garner their vehicle with an obvious symbol of ignorance (as that is what is used for today), and then to gang up on an innocent kid.

Would anyone of them have been so brazen had they been alone? I can't help wonder where the parents of the older children were, and what level of pride they have in their teens.


I'm glad these guys were arrested and I hope they get severely punished. Nobody has a right to treat ANY person that way regardless of race or any other factor.
As for flying the confederate flag? That doesn't bother me a bit. It can mean many different things to different people.
I'm glad the slaves were freed, but I believe on the other issues (particularly states rights vs an oppressing federal government) surrounding the civil war, the south had the better argument.
I wish the south would have won and then state by state abolished slavery.

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