By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

Making an entrance

The two have revamped the yard of their west McMinnville home so successfully that the McMinnville Garden Club awarded them its Yard of the Month honor for June.

The work was delayed and interrupted a number of times, what with one thing and another. But the pair finally managed to finish, filling it with flowers, then adding a sapling in the center for height.

On the right-hand side, they’ve created a shade garden of trees and shrubs. A wide stone path leads to both the front of the house, embellished with potted flowers, and on through a gate to the backyard.

Michelle had made the yard’s previous arrangement carefully symmetrical. However, it didn’t stay that way, due to weather events, varying growth patterns and other factors.

This time, she said, they plotted an asymmetrical arrangement designed to invite visitors to wander up the path and discover the little nooks and niches for themselves.

Curtis, who works for a nursery supply company, said gardening at home has helped arm him with insights helpful to customers.

He said they have tested a variety of plants from the company inventory. The couple have subsequently donated most of them to charity benefits, but occasionally have fallen in love with one and incorporated it into their display.

They have sometimes rescued a broken or damaged plant, and found that once it recovered, it added a nice element of color or character.

Hanging baskets provide vertical color, as do climbing roses, a blue ladder and the house itself with its striking blue door.

In the front corner by the driveway, tall blue delphiniums provide the perfect foil for Michelle’s beloved roses. Irises, poppies, daisies and other blooms create a riot of color, while a variety of whimsical little touches contribute a sense of fun.

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