By Paul Daquilante • Staff Writer • 

Major pot grow busted in Sheridan

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Whats wrong with these guys? Good riddance.

troy prouty

You mean he didn't pull out his medical marjuania card and ask what the problem was?

Troy Prouty*


You go home Zhao, take bath...

skull crusher

Wonder if the cops are gonna smoke or sell the crops!


if they have no regard for the lives of people they are drugging, why would they care about the owners of the house they were renting?

Just Lookin

Hopefully the property owner will have some type of insurance to help cover the destruction. People like this do not need to use any more oxygen at all. They sell to the potheads, who need to get away from drugs. It is sad the public has to put up with these types.
Skull crusher is probably wanting to smoke more.

skull crusher

Actually, I don't smoke pot smart one! You should stop just looking and start STEPPIN' fool!

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