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Mac united in offering bypass bite

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Key sentence,the McMinnville portion "exceeds the combined shares of Newberg and Dundee".

1) The cake was already baked by the time of the meeting.

2) The positive effects of the four mile Phase I section were grossly over-estimated. The vision of the effects of the completed (all phases) Newberg-Dundee Bypass were firmly implanted into everyone�s mind. The reality is this will be an equivalent to the two-lane section of Highway 99W from Lafayette to the divided highway near Dundee.

If I am incorrect, I�ll be excited to see the �boom� in McMinnville that was promised (and believed). But, won�t that require more revenue for local streets?

3) Everyone (the council) seemed to buy into the logic that �you can�t have Phase II until you get Phase I�. Is the City of McMinnville ready to additionally contribute for the Phase II, and III, or was that considered?

4) There was very little discussion concerning the negative effects on the McMinnville budget for the next 25 years. So one can only assume that there are few negative effects for our budget and streets. Or, will there be a future plea for more revenue?

5) Phase I will represent the most expensive ODOT project in Oregon history. Hopefully the resulting �boom� in McMinnville will make this a worthwhile cost.

troy prouty

I still feel an Express Lane would work best with the cost associated with this project when the government whom is building this doesn't appear to have the money - therefore they do things like add taxes, fees and tolls. In which the majority suffer. Please remember the majority of people aren't rich white guys, the majority of americans are female, different races and aren't Rich !

Despite the latest release of how good things are for the economy because CEO salaries climbed up to avg 9. something million per year. Yeah.. well.. most of us aren't CEO's either. So please stop adding tax on tax, fee on fee and creating tolls.


'Troy Prouty*

be frugal once in your life.

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