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Mac PD officer hurt in fracas

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"Sgt. Tim Heidt of the McMinnville police was assaulted last weekend while spending off-duty time with family in Seaside."
"Capt. Dennis Marks said he has been placed on paid administrative leave while the department conducts an internal investigation into the incident and he recovers from his injuries."
So how does this justify "paid administrative leave"? He was off duty!!
"We're doing our investigation to make sure everything was handled appropriately from a perspective of what we would expect from our police officers," the captain said.
If it wasn't will he have to forfit his
"paid administrative leave"?

skull crusher

This story is quite confusing to me! Will the Mac cop get fired if they find he did something wrong? I hope to be updated on this story. Interesting stuff indeed!

troy prouty

You bring up a point. Shouldn't he have PTO to use first, then if the other person is found guilty have victim compensation.?

Troy Prouty*


The irony in this story is that we have a cop being investigated by cops from two different departments and cops feeding the info to the newspaper. Cops are trained to lie to gather information they rarely tell the truth.

I bet we could see more truth and fewer lies watching the presidential debates.


Blowback for not defending the people using The Constitution for Tim Heidt, Instead abuse your authority. Mind your own business. We have all come close to or have been in fights. We learn and move on. Cop made it worse. Injured himself.

The higher you go in ranking in any police/military usually the more corrupted. I'm not saying all the time, but a majority. So expect HEIDT to lie, be overly aggressive, and use his stature to create a "power over" technique. And it don't stop there.

skull crusher

You could not be any more correct ronpaul2012! Finally someone says what is common knowledge to the rest of the community!!!!!

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