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The most important goal for the Council this year is the replacement of the City Manager. The Council needs to engage the community in this process, much like the Council did when Joe Dancer was Manager and announced his retirement.

McMinnville is blessed with many highly trained and experienced individuals that hired staff for local, state and even national organizations during their careers.

I hope the Council doesn't follow the example of Newberg and involve a head hunter via the Council of Governments. Using local folks with be much more cost effective and engaging to our community.

jeff k

City Manager position - I hope the council doesn't get caught up in MBA degrees,
etc. The individuals management and leadership style needs to fit community
personality. Our City has been very fortunate with the first 2, and I hope good
judgement prevails throughout the interview process. Conservative fiscal
management is a must. So, many factors are the focus throughout the process.
Good luck to the coucil, staff and community members in this process !!

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