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Mac on a roll

These goals include all-important initial implementation of some long-planned programs: core-area urban renewal; tourism promotion with transient room taxes; and creation of a major bond proposal for citywide transportation infrastructure.

And, of course, there’s that little chore of finding and hiring the person to replace Kent Taylor, to become only the third city manager since McMinnville adopted that form of government in 1959. Asked to comment on his final goal-setting session as city manager, Taylor had this to say with an additional seal of approval from Mayor Rick Olson:

“Since 1987, the mayor and McMinnville City Council have met near the beginning of each new calendar year to both review the prior year and develop goals and objectives for the new year.

“They meet on a Friday evening and informally discuss their own performance as a group; for example, they ask the question, “How are we getting along and doing as a team and decision-making group?” The following Saturday morning and into the afternoon, they discuss what progress was made on the previous year’s city council goals and objectives and adopt new ones.

“Before those sessions, a meeting facilitator has interviewed each councilor individually and compiled a summary of group consensus on issues of most importance and potential priorities for the new year.

“Meeting with all the department managers, the group discusses issues, challenges and opportunities, and eventually reaches consensus on a new list of goals and objectives. Those goals and objectives are used by the city council and city manager to guide and direct major initiatives and program focus during the year.”


City of McMinnville 2014 Goals and Objectives

Maintain and enhance our quality of life
Communicate with citizens
Goal: Manage and plan to meet demand for services

  • n Clarify roles and expectations, and strengthen the city council’s relationship with the Airport Commission.
  • n Look for opportunities to be strategic partners at the airport as it relates to the abutting “Evergreen properties.”

Goal: Plan for and manage financial resources

  • Prepare and adopt a fiscally prudent 2014 – 15 city budget.
  • Conduct a successful city manager recruitment and selection process.
  • Finalize priorities for additional information technology staffing, including a full-time I.T. manager.

Goal: Plan and construct capital projects

  • Place on the Nov. 4, 2014, general election ballot a proposed transportation system improvement bond issue.
  • Support the administrative planning and implementation work of the Urban Renewal Advisory Committee.
  • Identify priorities for initial urban renewal projects and time implementation with results of first year’s financial results and analysis.
  • Include key public utility partners in planning for transportation and urban renewal projects.
  • Complete design and begin construction of improvements to the Water Reclamation Facility.
  • Complete construction of the Fairgrounds Basin Trunk Lining Project (sewer line rehabilitation).

Goal: Communicate with citizens, key local partners

  • Meet with Water & Light Commission to learn about long-range water planning and related initiatives.
  • Remain informed on Yamhill Communications Agency strategic issues and provide policy input, as needed, on issues and options.

Goal: Promote sustainable growth and development

  • Appoint Transient Lodging Tax Advisory Committee; approve a process for allocating revenue for tourism promotion and facilities; award initial funding as appropriate.
  • Review and adopt the updated economic opportunities analysis to ensure adequate supplies of industrial and commercial lands.
  • Continue to support the efforts of McMinnville Economic Development Partnership, and schedule periodic updates in order to keep informed as to current economic development issues and opportunities to advance each organization’s respective economic development objectives.



The most important goal for the Council this year is the replacement of the City Manager. The Council needs to engage the community in this process, much like the Council did when Joe Dancer was Manager and announced his retirement.

McMinnville is blessed with many highly trained and experienced individuals that hired staff for local, state and even national organizations during their careers.

I hope the Council doesn't follow the example of Newberg and involve a head hunter via the Council of Governments. Using local folks with be much more cost effective and engaging to our community.

jeff k

City Manager position - I hope the council doesn't get caught up in MBA degrees,
etc. The individuals management and leadership style needs to fit community
personality. Our City has been very fortunate with the first 2, and I hope good
judgement prevails throughout the interview process. Conservative fiscal
management is a must. So, many factors are the focus throughout the process.
Good luck to the coucil, staff and community members in this process !!

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