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Mac menu among best in small towns

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I walk by the Thistle daily, going and coming from work, I've also eaten there several times as a special treat to myself, the aromas that come from their kitchen, mouth-watering, and watching the chefs at work thru their large windows, fasinating, I'm not surprised that the Thistle "leads the way". Because of this article I'm calling in to reserve myself a spot to eat at this excellant place again.


If only the owner/chef of Thistle could develop a bit more of a cheerful and pleasant demeanor. Great food, though a bit overpriced but what keeps me from going back is a chef who thinks he can treat customers like they should feel privileged to eat his food. Oh well, as the article states there are a number of other outstanding restaurants in town.

Michael Tubbs Sr

I don't remember the name of the downtown McMinnville restaurant, but the meal I'd eaten was memorable. I'd enjoyed the Thai grub served there.


@DM, I read somewhere that there was a little "set-to" when one of their chefs had a difference of opinion when some Arkansas Chef claimed their pigs were better than ours, dour or not, he defended our pigs. I have to hand it to the guy, you have to have a sense of humor to haul in over something like that. I may have misread the article, so I may be mistaken, but it doesn't take an iota away from the Thistle's chef's excellant culinary skills.


I've never eaten at those places because they are all WAY over priced. Downtown mcminnville has become an upscale snob show accompanied by loitering rat ball teenagers...

Michael Tubbs Sr

Actually, Nate, I'd thought a particular Thai restaurant to be quite reasonable for the quality of their food. I don't remember it's location downtown, other than it was relatively close to the N-R's office.

troy prouty

Actually since I'm close to McMinnville AND Walla Walla.

Let me put it this way. Walla Walla has the best Chef of the two, but the best places to eat is McMinnville. The wine? Well it depends. Two different varities with different consequences. Cab/Sav Walla Walla is amongst the best in the World and this area Pinot Noir the same.

Personally I like Walla Wine and McMinnville food.

But that might be because I grew up in Walla Walla learned making wine in Walla Walla and live here. Yet I'm not alone.. Hey Russell Creek and Spruce Goose?

I personally hope McMinnville's suucess continues !

Troy Prouty*


I believe the Thai restaurant you are referring to is Thai Country and it is still great!

Surprised they didn't mention Crescent Cafe which is amazing and uses local ingredients or Golden Valley which uses their own beef and makes some great beers.

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