Mac man leads referendum drive

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Sally G

I encourage everyone to know the facts when discussing the Driver's Card. The information that has been disseminated by OREGONIANS FOR IMMIGRATION REFORM (OIR) and other anti-immigrant organizations is appalling misleading. I'm disappointed in the News-Register's decision to allow Mr. Ludwick a forum to push his anti-immigrant ideology that is detrimental to the strength and safety of our community.

In the Spring 2012 report of the Southern Poverty Law Center, OIR is identified as a Nativist Extremist group. OIR is well known as an anti-immigrant group of which Mr. Ludwick has been a leader for many years. In the last several years, OIR has attempted to disguise itself in language of "environmental sustainability."

OIR has strong links to the Center for Immigration Studies and NumbersUSA which are anti-immigration organizations that can be traced back to John Tanton, who has had close ties with the white supremacy movement over the decades. For more info, www.splcenter.org/get-informed/intelligence-files/profiles/john-tanton

The Driver's Card law was passed by the legislature following public hearings in which Mr. Ludwick and others who opposed the bill were able to present their points of view.

I am very much in favor of the Driver's Card (valid for 4 years) which is scheduled to take effect in January 2014. Our county's economy is dependent on the hard work of immigrants in fields, vineyards, nurseries, hotels, construction sites, and restaurants. It's important that they be able to drive themselves and their families to work and school. The Driver's card requires that the holder take a driving test. It also enables the driver to buy insurance.

The Driver's Card is essential for the economy of our state, and for the safety of all its residents. I want my community members employed and driving safely.

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