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Mac issuing tentative layoff notices

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If our own district didn't waste so much money on frivolous expenditures like two palaces on Lafayette Avenue,travel for administrators, or an excess of people in administration we could keep all our teachers. I noticed there were no mention in cuts to the people that make the most money. Education is about how we build better humans for society not how many awards we win for the people that run the district.

Reporter Starla Pointer

The superintendent said at the board meeting she expects the district will need to increase class sizes, probably by an average of 1.5 students in elementary schools and 2 students in secondary schools, and cut teachers, administrators and support programs.


Starla you better proof read your newspaper article I read because no where does it mention any administration cuts like your online article. I still stand by the fact we are top heavy in administration in this district and they are the highest paid so they need to go first. When the economy is bad they don't get rid of the guys that build the cars they get rid of all the Vice Presidents in charge of small things in the factory. Three administration people cost what six to eight teachers cost.


Yes it does, Jim. Try another read.



Steve I read the newspaper article a dozen times and no where does it name down sizing administration. It talks in general about layoffs and your online article names teacher,administrators and support programs.


This predicament is totally about PERS, PERS and PERS. Nothing more, nothing less. It was foreseen 25-30 years ago and basically ignored/rebuffed by public sector unions and employees. The future is here. Newly hired public employees wall pay the price for the desires of early hired public employees.


One solution might be to stop construction on the multi million dollar soccer field at Mac high and move that money over to the general fund. And people who think we need our legislators to come up with a plan to raise more "revenue" (the new lib term for taxes).....they don't have to wait for our legislators. They can send a personal check to the Oregon Department of Revenue any time.

Jeb Bladine

It appears the newspaper story does not refer to cuts in administration, as Jim says. The website story likely was posted online prior to when final editing was done for the newspaper, which often involves reduced content due to space.

Also, readers should remember the difference in funding between operations and bonded capital expenditures. Funds approved by voters for facility renovation, Baker Field and other projects in the districtwide bond measure cannot by law be transferred over to bolster program operating funds.


The Baker athletic field according to the paper is not funded by bond money. According to the NR article it is funded by the Asset Reserve Fund and state grant money. I don't know which slush fund that fund is but it must have lots of money.


I know you've been gungho on the district building a new high school.
Just FYI, the Beaverton School District has one about halfway done now, and the ultimate cost, upon completion, is currently being projected at $166 million. By the time it's done, I'll be it's up to at least $175 million, if not $200 million.
It is also building a middle school for $60 million and a trio of elementary schools at $36 million, $32 million and $31 million, respectively. The district is rehabbing an old elementary as well, at a vastly lesser cost.
The price of new construction, already sky high, is soaring. If you started the new Beaverton High School today, from scratch, I'm sure it would run past $200 million by the time you were done.
I think the district is actually being pretty frugal in rehabbing, renovating, remodeling and repurposing old buildings to keep them in use. There's not a palace in the bunch, not even close.
If you want to see the district spend a couple of hundred million on a new high school, how about you stepping up to lead the bond campaign.


Bagwell I volunteered with the so called leaders of this district 18 months ago to spend two years of my life trying to get a new high school in place. Got shot down so quick it wasn't even funny. No explanation as to why but that's the way it is. I told them if they put the maintenance bond separate and would let some people try to build power for a new high school it might fly. But is was no with no explanation. Go ahead and tell me they took a poll to see if a new school would go and I'll tell you to call President Trump and see if he believes in polls either. You can spend all the money you want on the old high school and you will have the same problems we've had. No parking,to small of auditorium, and most of the sports teams off campus. A modern school of our size needs a minimum of 50 acres. Tell me how many acres are in the current school? So you keep calling how you see it and so will I.


Point of clarification: the online story is worded quite differently than the print version. The print version says, "at least to senior personnel...", and the online version says "to least-senior personnel." Quite a difference. Which is the correct one?

Reporter Starla Pointer

This is correct -- notices went out to the least-senior personnel -- the newest teachers, who started on the first day of school in 2016-17. Since they all had the same start date, they drew numbers to see who would be laid off first, if a reduction in staff is necessary.


Thanks, Starla. I appreciate it.

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