By Starla Pointer • Staff Writer • 

Mac expecting to cut 10 more teachers

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Why is it that the solution is to cut classes and subject matter/programs from the curriculum...when a more simple solution would be to reduce the number of administrators and administrative staff? And how about putting a hold on pay increases for a year, or even cutting some pay by 4 or 5 percent as many, many businesses had to do over the last 5 years in order to keep their doors open?

That thought process never even flashes across the Administration's / School Boards minds...they have theirs and nothing is going to affect them. SOmebody else will have to pay the piper.

Ultimately the kids pay, because they lose important programs like music, drama, industrial arts, and physical education.


An even more cost effective idea is to eliminate the Union. A goodly portion of the District's expenses come from costly union demands and out of control benefits and paid days off from the class room.

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