By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

Mac council to hear about landfill Tuesday

The council is slated to meet in informal dinner work session at 6 p.m. and formal business session at 7 p.m. in the McMinnville Civic Hall, 200 N.E. Second St. Both are open to the public.

A short training on government ethics is scheduled during the dinner session. It was postponed earlier because a councilor was absent.

The city council set a goal for the year of becoming more informed about, and possibly more active in, the debate over future expansion of the landfill. But it’s not necessarily a goal the city staff is ready to embrace.

“As you know, the city has a good number of very important community issues already on its plate, leaving us very short on the staff resources we would need to devote to managing a parallel informational and decision-making process on this issue,” City Manager Kent Taylor advised the council in a memo. In addition, he wrote, “No one currently employed by the city has either the professional or technical expertise in this area that would be needed to evaluate and make sound recommendations.”

Tuesday’s presentation will be made by county officials who do possess that kind of expertise — County Planner Ken Friday and Solid Waste Coordinator Sherrie Mathison.

“The objective of the presentation will be to educate and inform regarding the jurisdictional, permitting, administrative, land use, and legal issues involved with the operation and oversight of Riverbend Landfill,” Taylor wrote. “The presentation will involve some history, a description of the current status of any related issues and a preview of any upcoming decision or permitting points. This will not be a pro and con presentation but rather will focus strictly on the procedural and process steps related to the landfill’s operation.”

In addition, he wrote, “County staff has invited the mayor and council to participate in all of the county’s proceedings related to the landfill. They have committed to keeping city representatives informed via meeting and hearing notices, distribution of meeting minutes and the like.”

The presentation is the sole item on the agenda, apart from department reports, and a mayoral proclamation of “Teach Children to Save” day.

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