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Mac board to meet Monday

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100 million wasn't enough so let's make construction more expensive by raising the builders share of the burden. The School District like all government needs to rein in their expenditures. If the money was spent wisely on our students it would make people feel better. It still grinds on me that the administration needed to build a Palace with millions of tax payer dollars when it could have went towards the students. A small remodel on their old building would have been more than adequate.


A “Pallace”?

Really? The schools seems pretty modest to me. None of them look anything close to be extravagant.


Denise give the district office a call and ask them what the total cost of the remodel at Cook School and the purchase and remodel of the maintance building on Lafayette Avenue cost. It's many,many millions of dollars that should have been spent on students,teachers and worn out athletic facilities.


When you call to ask about that cost Denise ask them why they charge students to park in a lot at the high school that the tax payers paid for. And if in their vast knowledge on building why they don't have room for all the kids to park at the same time.


If the district is Ellen Ripley, "Jim" is our very own Pvt. Hudson. Time and time again.


GrizzlyWildcat I know exactly who you are and I will continue to battle for our students. All I see is a lot of show and no go with you people except for pet projects. It's all about awards and the statistics that promote the top 10% of our students. The core of our students are middle class America who need to be treated like everyone else. It's getting real old fund raising for sports and extra curricular activities and watch the district throw millions of dollars at two projects that could have been done for a lot less or not at all. I'm middle class America myself and I'm tired of the upper crust throwing rocks at us. We pay the taxes that run your school district and we should have some say in how our children and grandchildren are educated. You people have shut us off without much say in what happens. So till something changes at our school district I will continue to fight my battle.


Jim, if I understand the law correctly, construction excise tax revenues may not be spent on operating costs but are restricted to building construction and improvements. However much you might prefer the money to be spent on instructional activities, etc. that would be against the law. There may be plenty of sound financial reasons for such a restriction, but in my experience it is mostly driven by the demands of the construction industry lobby. If they pay the tax they want to benefit from it. I think you'll find the relevant text in ORS 320.183

Reporter Starla Pointer

Treehouse, that's exactly right -- construction excises taxes cannot be used for operations. And neither can the money from a construction bond measure such as the one voters passed in May 2016. However, passing a bond measure for construction and repairs does free up money from the operational budget that otherwise would have been used for repairs.


It's still money that if by law has to be spent on building could have been spent on kids. Improvements to athletic facilities,more covered play areas, or a major field house for all kinds of activities for students. Covered walkways from buses to building and all kinds of things come to mind. But spending millions on a building for administration is not what this money needs to be spent on. Education is about kids not administrators.


I'm with you Jim. Thanks for having the courage to speak the truth even when it's not popular on here.


Jim you are dead on. Had the school district a modicum of equity and integrity they would see they are wasting large amount of dollars on projects that have almost zero return for our students. The problem is those asking the taxpayers for money do not understand there is a finite amount of money and good will available in this community. You keep blowing it on wasteful projects and when you need it, we won't vote yes to give it to you!

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