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Lodging tax pitched in Mac

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troy prouty

I heard that Mcminnville was in high demand so let's tax. Maybe in the next few weeks we can ask for an entry fee into our area?

Troy Prouty*


This is a tax that does not effect our community with additional taxes but helps our community continue to thrive with outside funding. If we want our businesses to continue to grow and stay here, then we need to help bring tourism into the area. We are in the heart of wine country and can capitalize on this great asset to help make our community a better place to stay and live.
I feel that this is not an "Entry Fee" but a way to help our community without taxing the residents any further. If you have traveled anywhere outside the Yamhill County area and stayed at a hotel, you have helped that community with tourism tax dollars. Just a thought!


I agree with the wolfdog.

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