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Local trash hauler now Recology Western Oregon

Henceforth, the franchise will be known as Recology Western Oregon. To accompany its new name, it has adopted a new logo, unveiled on the company’s entry in Saturday UFO Festival parade.

“We expect a seamless transition,” said Fred Stemmler, who is managing the local operation for its employee-owned parent company, based in California.

From a service perspective, customers shouldn’t see any changes, except for the new logo. It will start appearing on statements first, then on the company’s fleet of garbage trucks and eventually on other branded items.

Stemmler said trucks will be repainted on their regular schedule, so it will be some time before they are all uniform once again. Statements are printed on a monthly basis, however, so will be getting a new look right away.

Recology, which uses the tagline “Waste Zero,” is headquartered in San Francisco. Its Recology Western Oregon subsidiary employs 100 workers between its coast and valley operations, 60 of them in Yamhill County.

The local operation was founded by the Koch family in 1928. It underwent a name change from City Sanitary to Western Oregon Waste in 2003.

Stemmler said one thing that won’t change is company involvement in the community. He said Recology is committed to maximum possible involvement.

For more information, contact Recology Western Oregon at 503-861-0578 or

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