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Local farmers share thoughts on farm bill

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troy prouty

When government usually cuts programs, it isn't because they have no money per say. It is often because they have given away a chance to have money. (Often through tax cuts with wealthy and business) that leads to not having it.

Obvioulsy we want people not to abuse the system (That goes for everyone (Corporations, wealthy). If everyone would pay their share, so mnay things would work better. Just think about everyone paying the same % of tax without any tax breaks. Wouldn't that make the world a little easier to budget for as well.


What happens is we do things like give wealthy tax breaks like we did prior to Katrina , we take money out of of budgeting fund to build a sea wall so when a Hurricane hits, the Sea Wall doesn't hold - wrecking New Orleans.. Etc..Etc,,

This has become the motto of why we continue to fail. FYI.. The wealthy was still going to be wealthy without that tax break.

Troy Prouty*

Pepper Jelly the rich, that will make us all feel better. whatever.

troy prouty

Aren't you a little concerned Pepper about the disparity of wealth between rich and poor has exceeded the levels of ever before?

For example the avg CEO got a 9% raise this last year. When was the last time you got one? and I bet it wasn't 9% of several million dollars?

Aren't you a little concerned that while a recession is happening and will continue to happen that they are cutting benefits to those already suffering?

The fact that why you continue to import people , yu continue to export jobs- thus creating lower wages for those jobs being created? OR even the fact that companies are now getting tax breaks for moving those jobs overseas and that the U.S. has done nothing to solve the issue?

This isn't whatever. This is you ignoring something that is destructive by nature that will eventually lead to the failure of our system. I hope you take life a little more serious, because it is just that. When misery hits you, I doubt it will be so hilarious.

Troy Prouty*


You are contradicting yourself. You propose that everyone pay the same percentage (rich and poor) and then you complain that the wealthy don'y pay enough. Over 50 percent of employed people pay zero federal income tax. Those that don't pay are almost all from the lower income earners. Those that pay the most by far are the "wealthy".

troy prouty

How am I contradicting myself. I want everyone to pay the same %. Not the same amount. The same percentage. This means that if you receive 200.00 a month in income you pay 13%, if you receive $100,000.00 per month you pay 13%. Everything is 13%

The wealthy pay more money, because they make more money 300+ times more than the avg employee for example (CEO). You can twist numbers all you want I always hear how companies pay 35% taxes. But after 40 thousand lines of new tax codes, they actually pay around 15% and many pay less than 8%. Weatlhy people tend to get a few extra lines for being wealthy, the poor get a few lines for being poor and the middle class - they get lines if they have family or add to a 401. Whoopie on that $300.00 a year savings.. Not exactly the same.Frankly the rich and poor are living off the middle class by not doing their part. I promise you that the middle class is the hardest hit of all, If not a person wouldn't want to be rich would they?

Even when they do a nmice gesture, something happens to mess it up. Take Howard Schultz. Recession hits Starbucks not doing the best. Howard takes a stand declares need to change including him. (Awesome I thought). Takes a 3 million pay cut from 13 Million to 10 Million. Honorable right? It lasted a year. The next year jumps his income to 21 Million

The problem with America. Isn't that there is enough pie to go around. It is that nobody wants to have less so others can have a little more.

In that we have lost value

Further you need to be concerned abouit the disparity of wealthy, because it is said that for every dollar they spend giving to political leaders they get 10 back. This means they have far more influence on controling laws, making measures etc..etc.. If 500 thousand people gave a dollar to influence something gets passed and one guy gave a million. to oppose. Is it democray that it gets rejected?


Despite these warnings, Woodrow Wilson signed the 1913 Federal Reserve Act.
A few years later he wrote:
"I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit. Our system of credit is concentrated. The growth of the nation, therefore, and all our activities are in the hands of a few men. We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated Governments in the civilized world no longer a Government by free opinion, no longer a Government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a Government by the opinion and duress of a small group of dominant men." - Woodrow Wilson


If corporations are considered as "people" for election contributions, shouldn't they be considered "people" for their tax returns?


Good question.


That Woodrow Wilson quote is a Ron Paul fabrication. It was created by splicing together two separate quotes, one form page 185 and the other from page 201, of Wilson's book, "The New Freedom: A Call for the Emancipation of the Generous Energies of a People,� published in 1913.
Andrew Leonard exposed this fraud in Salon, noting:
Some may question whether such historical nitpicking is relevant to the current presidential campaign. They may do so as they please. But if you want to engage in conspiracy theory, it�s a good idea to get your facts straight.
He goes on to cite John M. Cooper, a professor of history at the University of Wisconsin, and the author of several books on Woodrow Wilson. Perhaps the nation's leading expert on Wilson, he says, �I can tell you categorically that this is not a statement of regret for having created the Federal Reserve. Wilson never had any regrets for having done that. It was an accomplishment in which he took great pride. Here's the URL:�
Repeating a lie over and over doesn't make it true.
Steve Bagwell, Managing Editor


"Jerry, it's NOT a lie....if you believe it!"

George Castanza


Good reply...LOL... .

troy prouty

In my opinion if people and companies would just pay the same % and we forget tax breaks. I bet the overall % of taxes could be lowered for everyone.

For example say it's 16% but someone wants to pay less so they use tax breaks and pay 14%. So the avg would be 15% among the two. But if both were to pay 15% there you have it.

See simple.

Tax history is interesting. Taxes started out applied only to the wealthy, Universities balked about the decline in money received from the wealthy - thus tx breaks were formed and shortly after Whamo - everyone was required to pay taxes. and 40 thousand lines of tax code upon tax code added, added and added.

I often think we make things so big and so complicated for one reason. "Externality"

Troy Prouty*


paraphrase, a misquote, or made up. To quote whoever wrote it doesn't make it untrue. As of right now , It is the truth..

You use the words conspiracy theory, which is exactly what the George Soros owned media media does when the people point out something obvious they don't want us to know. How are you influenced Steve Bagwell, Are your ideas that of your own. Or must you only report/write about what your allowed to?

How come I've posted links to numerous websites containing public health safety information which your business has not reported on to warn anyone? Alternative media outlets have reported on these issues. News Register has not.

Inflation is a TAX. You can add that into your numbers as well Troy.


Uhh...what?....It's not a quote unless he said the words in the exact context. You don't get to pick and choose words to fit your point. Deception does not strengthen your case or your credibility

troy prouty

I don't see inflation a tax more than I see it something a person creates wanting more so they increase something that leads to someone else increasing something etc..etc.. and government often benefits from increased taxes of that product.

but it all starts with the thought "I could get more for this" Or "I need more to do this job" so you can have that. etc..etc.. and get gets passed down from one source to another.

The exception might be gas and oil refinarys on purpose limiting production to cause higher rates. there is never shortage of oil, just a shortage of refinary (in which most reduced) to refine smaller amounts at a time to squeeze the consumer. ind of like Enron finding reason to shut down a plant here and there.

Troy Prouty*

troy prouty

To put an end to this Woodrow Wilson arguement, why don't we get the answer directly from him. I can ask him tongiht if it will make you feel better? wink..

Nobody really knows to be honest what he probably felt back then and how he would feel today. People are really good at attempting to know what others meant. I get it al the time. "Well that can mean many things" OR "It can mean what I just said". Often what others say and do or how they interpt is really more about them and less about everyone else. This includes me. That is our nature.

Like all things in life when you create something there are often things you love how it turned out and things you dislike. I look at things I took part in, and that was always true. For example Indymedia,org for me.

I believe everything to have a positive and a negative and at times those change.

But, when one stays in the negative that outweighs the positive a given period of time. It is time to either change it or get rid of it. This is how I feel about our government today to be honest.

Troy Prouty*


Government don't benefit in wealth from our currency. ALL U.S Dollar is a DEBT. To the PRIVATE central bank, Federal Reserve. Government doesn't even own it.

In 72' the gold standard was removed. Since then debt has skyrocketed, only because the removal of gold allowed them to print more money with no value behind it. Creating Inflation, Yes it is done on purpose. It's the reason we have been warned many times before. The reason we had a gold standard, and the 1-10 constitutional amendments.

In a fiat monetary system, there is no restrain on the amount of money that can be created. This allows unlimited credit creation. Initially, a rapid growth in the availability of credit is often mistaken for economic growth, as spending and business profits grow and frequently there is a rapid growth in equity prices.

The credit creation as of lately for us has been in the name of quantitative easing. Simple print more money hand it out..That also devalues the currency creating what you have now. The dollar is devalued to the point of no return. remember its loaned to the U.S.


Debt Chart


Ron Paul is right. The US dollar states, that it is DEBT FOR DEBT. This means that it means nothing. It means debt. Does it not seem strange that every where you see these: WE WILL BUY YOUR JUNK GOLD ads everywhere? It is because Welfare keeps society enslaved and completely dependent on the government for food, shelter, and health, basically to survive. Does this not frighten people? As far as the poor and rich feeding off the middle class.... what middle class? We are all feeding off each other.


.... WE WILL BUY YOUR JUNK GOLD ads everywhere? It is because gold will be the only thing of value when the economy crashes.Welfare keeps society enslaved...
I had to edit.


Seems to me that food will be the only thing of value if the economy crashes.

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