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Local delegate to go to convention

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Offer this to them:

If someone was to ask me where The United States should go I would point to the following:

I think the U.S. should adopt South Korea’s education for grades 1-12, Netherlands system for higher education,. Taiwan’s Healthcare system, Australia’s instant run-off voting system and Belgium’s political system of 7 parties represented. I would add the U.K.’s free air for candidates system, Finland’s GNP to debt, Germany’s foreign policies, cash Reserves and Labor Laws, Australia’s Justice System, Netherlands Disparity in Wealth, Britain’s elimination of Filibusters and promote the abolishing of Riders in the U.S. I would not have rules of law through a Supreme Court take affect after the law is passed, but before., thus laws would be Legal before being passed, not RULED unconstitutional after. I would also eliminate people of power having vested (stocks) in what they oversee making it so they are neutral on the decision they make.

Troy Prouty*

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