By Tom Henderson • Staff Writer • 

Local advocates respond to immigration action

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Breaking the law leads to fear. Obeying the law leads to peace.
It's appalling and terrible that the parents of these kids brought them here illegally and set them up for a lifetime of this kind of fear and turmoil. But it's never to late to show some courage and go back to the country you were born in and work to make it great again. Or, if you don't want to make your own country great, get in line and come here the honest way where you never have to live in this kind of fear again. The USA welcomes honest, legal immigrants with open arms.


Right, just head back to a country you have no recollection of and where you know no one..... just apply and then go through a process that takes decades to complete....that seems reasonable to you?

Bill B

Tagup said; "that seems reasonable to you?" What does reasonableness have to do with it. It's against the law, period.


Yeah, well so is driving over the speed limit...

The fact is that many of these individuals have been educated here, are employed here,pay taxes, aren't on public assistance and contribute to our society... many have even served in the military....your "because it's against the law" justification doesn't consider the economic damage to the economy from deporting these valuable individuals. How about developing a viable guest worker program and /or creating a process that an alien can utilize that doesn't take 10 years or depend on a lottery system. The US immigration system is broken and deporting everyone isn't the best answer.....

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