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Linfield student faces array of charges

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Julio Most

One thing I find perplexing about this story is no mentioning of third party liability. The person arrested and charged with a DUII is not 21 yet, which in Oregon makes his .25% BAC 25 times over the limit for people under the age of 21.
So, he managed to binge drink at the Old Oak, as a minor and the owners of the Old oak will not be held responsible for serving alcohol to a minor? Is any one investigating the owners of the Old Oak? the article states that he was not yet an adult until June and that he had been drinking there. why did you not focus on the bar the gave enough alcohol to a minor. This could have been much more serious.
At the very least the Old Oak should be sited with furnishing alcohol to a minor.
I hope you expose establishments that sale alcohol to minors,


Julio: You raise a very good point. That occurred to us as well.
Rest assured that we will be checking. If we learn of an investigation, sanctions or other fallout, we will get a story out ASAP.
Our initial focus was on the criminal end, which seemed most immediate. But like you, we wonder just how an underage person not only got served, but got served to the point of rather extreme inebriation.
It's possible he presented fake ID good enough to fool a well-trained and vigilant bartender. That would still leave a potential over-serving issue, however.
Your observation is well-taken and we will be pursuing.
Steve Bagwell, Managing Editor

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