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Linfield student faces array of charges

“He was inside, programming all the televisions,” Mendez said. “He went out to his van. When he came back in, he asked, “Do you know there’s a car out front that got hit?’”

Her 2002 Volkswagen Jetta, which she had purchased only the week before, had been smashed head-on. It had been pushed back about 40 feet, ending up partly on the sidewalk and partly on a strip of grass.

Mendez said the impact was so great, the front license plate of the other vehicle, a Ford F-series pickup allegedly belonging to 20-year-old Linfield College junior Colin Forman, was embedded in the crushed front end of her car.

When she went out to assess the damage, neither Forman nor the full-size Ford were anywhere to be found.

About 7:45 p.m., Forman allegedly went on a drunken driving spree in the residential area in which Mendez-Rubio lives. He crashed into two vehicles and a utility trailer, knocked down a 40-foot power pole, took out mailboxes and drove over some lawns, McMinnville police said.

Forman, from Beaverton, was arraigned Thursday afternoon in Yamhill County Circuit Court on five counts of hit-and-run/property, two counts of recklessly endangering another person and one count each of second-degree criminal mischief, driving under the influence of intoxicants and reckless driving. Not turning 21 until June 8, he was also cited for minor in possession of alcohol while operating a motor vehicle.

Upon review of the case, the district attorney’s office added more charges than Forman was originally charged with by McMinnville police.

His blood alcohol content measured .25, more than three times the presumed level of intoxication in Oregon, according to Capt. Matt Scales.

Forman was booked into jail on $32,500 bail at the time of his arrest, but subsequently posted the 10 percent required to secure his release. He has retained Portland attorney Steven L. Myers to handle his defense.

Scales gave this account:

Forman and two fellow students, both males of legal age, left campus to drink at the Old Oak, located downtown at 326 N.E. Davis St.

Afterward, they headed back to the vicinity of campus with Forman at the wheel. Along the way, he allegedly knocked down a Water & Light pole on Morgan Lane, near its intersection with Davis Street, cutting power to the area for several hours.

In addition to the Jetta, Forman allegedly crashed into a utility trailer, driving it into a van. Police said he also knocked over a series of mailboxes and ripped through several front yards before arriving back home on Southeast Queenborough Street.

His two passengers had left by the time police located the pickup and apprehended Forman, but they agreed to cooperate when contact was made.

Mendez was glad no one got hurt during the wave of crime, but was upset over the damage to her car.

“I had another car but sold it,” she said. “I had been looking for a new car.

“It took me two months to find this one. I worked hard to save some money, and my dad helped me out (with the rest).”

Mendez, mother of a 3-year-old, works in Newberg. She was concerned about getting to work and running daily errands.

Forman is a graduate of Westview High School, where he lettered three years in football. His senior year, he earned first-team all-Metro League and honorable mention all-state honors as a quarterback.

He earned a starting role for the Wildcats his sophomore and junior years as a safety.



Julio Most

One thing I find perplexing about this story is no mentioning of third party liability. The person arrested and charged with a DUII is not 21 yet, which in Oregon makes his .25% BAC 25 times over the limit for people under the age of 21.
So, he managed to binge drink at the Old Oak, as a minor and the owners of the Old oak will not be held responsible for serving alcohol to a minor? Is any one investigating the owners of the Old Oak? the article states that he was not yet an adult until June and that he had been drinking there. why did you not focus on the bar the gave enough alcohol to a minor. This could have been much more serious.
At the very least the Old Oak should be sited with furnishing alcohol to a minor.
I hope you expose establishments that sale alcohol to minors,


Julio: You raise a very good point. That occurred to us as well.
Rest assured that we will be checking. If we learn of an investigation, sanctions or other fallout, we will get a story out ASAP.
Our initial focus was on the criminal end, which seemed most immediate. But like you, we wonder just how an underage person not only got served, but got served to the point of rather extreme inebriation.
It's possible he presented fake ID good enough to fool a well-trained and vigilant bartender. That would still leave a potential over-serving issue, however.
Your observation is well-taken and we will be pursuing.
Steve Bagwell, Managing Editor

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