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Linfield launches bicycle round-up

It retains the bikes a year, giving students plenty of time to claim them, then donates them to charity

This year, CPS has added a new wrinkle. On Wednesday, it began offering to register student bikes free of charge.

Each bike gets a Linfield-specific bar code allowing CPS to track it back to its owner. “It’s just a way of automating our bicycle registry,” said Director Rebecca Wale.

Bikes are supposed to be registered with the city, and a $3 fee is assessed to cover the cost. But if students register through CPS, their bikes will automatically be added to the city log at no cost.

Students who already registered their bikes are encouraged to go through the process again this year anyway. That’s because the new bar codes are Linfield-specific, making identification easier for McMinnville law enforcement.

“The only new policy is that the bicycles will be clearly labeled as Linfield College registered bicycles, aiding the McMinnville Police Department in returning recovered bikes,” Wale said.

The number of bikes CPS collects during its annual campus round-ups varies from year to year, but is generally small.

“It’s hard to say, but typically it’s under 10,” Wale said. “These are typically bicycles of students who have graduated or moved on.”

Fortunately, bike theft is rare on campus. Still, security can always be improved.

“We have fewer bike thefts than the broader community at large, but it is something that we are very serious about working on,” she said. “We are actively working in our community to make sure there are good places for bikes to be secured.”

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