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Lewis lashes out at land use groups

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She doesn't like being forced to negotiate with terrorists.

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I'm tired of reading how Leslie is supposedly a "longtime Newberg resident and businesswoman". She does not live in Newberg and has never lived in Newberg. She has lived on a small lot with a mobile home and newly built home just outside of Carlton for many, many years. Her husband's business used to be in downtown Newberg, but also hasn't been there for many years. It is also located on their lot in a pole building next to their home just outside of Carlton.

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"She doesn't like being forced to negotiate with terrorists."

Made me laugh, thank you!


If there's really a land rush of industrial development begging to get into Newberg, why aren't they grabbing all the vacancies left by companies that are currently folding or have already left town?


In the article..

"But Lewis didn’t take kindly to threats of litigation as an inducement for the city and county to let the advocacy groups dictate term"

What else does the people have when those elected seem to only respond to special interest themselves and not the majority?

What America really needs to understand is the consequences of their votes, we see it all the time, especially on a Federal level. We see someone vote Democrat then complain, vote Republican then complain. Not smart enough to realize the problem is both parties those interest that finance them. I've seen it on city and county issues (especially in Seattle and King County) when I lived there.

The only voice left for citizens is lawsuits (sadly).. But that is reality.

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