Letters to the Editor - Sept. 8, 2012

Letters from Debbie Smith, Cammie DeRaeve, Kathy Chytka, Jane Childers, Steven Rupp, James Galbreath, Barbara Hunter

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Kathleen Blair

James Galbreath is correct - McMinnville has an ample very clean water supply right now and taking it from the Willamette is going to allow our reserves to be used up to supplement that. The Willamette is very polluted and some o that we are adding to from here in Yamhill county from the Riversludge Toxic Waste Dumnp. . Furthermore, the reason being given for needing for this water is dishonest. This water is being hijacked at the behest of the Developer Mafia because they want to continue with the dead 19th Century paradigm whereby they are the unelected deciders of where people will live, what they'll live in and how far into debt they'll have to go for the roofs over their heads, while the Developer Mafia take all the large profits off the top and never have to pay fort the added burden on the old infrastructure, which the new cancerous growth stresses and for which the Developer Mafia do not pay to maintain.


In response to the Ambulance Sticker Shock, I wanted to add my protestations at the cost of an ambulance ride. My husband and I own an occupational therapy practice and we have to carry malpractice insurance. I know those costs are sky high and I do understand that insurance is reimbursing less and less, but $1600 for a three mile ambulance ride?! Outrageous. It seems a bit unfair really considering the service. People who call 911 are clearly in need of help. They are most likely very scared and/or in a fairly serious amount of pain. Most likely they aren't thinking "Is the cost of this ride worth it? Am I seriously injured ENOUGH to warrant such an expense?". The very idea that such a thought should go through the mind of a person in need of help is just wrong. It is also dangerous. What if the emergency is more serious next time? Will this sweet woman (who happens to be my mother) think twice about calling for help because she is concerned about the cost? That could be a life altering decision. A lot of people do not realize that ambulance companies are private businesses. Sometimes insurance covers the ride, a lot of times it does not. Perhaps the 911 operator needs to say "The cost of this ride will be $1600. Is this a life or death emergency/injury or can someone take you the hospital?". I can understand there being a fee for the ambulance service. The fee that is being charged seems grossly inflated. Especially since the injury did not require anything more than a couple of young men to help a frightened woman to stand and walk to the ambulance for a very expensive ride. No life saving measures involved. No medications given. Just a ride. This is in no way taking anything from the paramedics who were VERY nice and very professional, but in this horrible economy $1600 is an enormous amount of money for most people. Had my mother known the cost, I am fairly certain she'd have found another way to the hospital.


I agree, and people wonder why insurance rates are so high. It starts with the ambulance ride.


I think the ambulance question could actually be compared to high car insurance prices. Think of all the people without insurance or money that never even pay the ambulance bill. The medics still have to get paid, they still have to maintain the vehicles. I personally had to deal with calling an ambulance when a family member passed away and was actually thankful that it wasn't thousands of dollars more!

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