Letters to the Editor - Sept. 6, 2013

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Thank you Charlie Montgomery for raising concerns about the TPP and the potential threat of global corporate dominance. Although it sounds like something out of a George Orwell book, that couldn't possibly happen under our system of government, with our "people's representatives" and the "wisdom" of the SCOTUS. Yet many in Congress have proven beyond any doubt that the people's business is a distant second to the business of ensuring re-election, tending to corporate interests, cowtowing to the narrow interests of party extremists, as they become millionaires as they "serve" the people. Many have dropped all pretence of concern for Americans, and have added insult to injury by describing segments of society in the most disparaging terms. Years ago, I had a friend who often expressed deep concern about a murky entity whose eventual goal was world domination, free from the restraints of our Constitution. He got a lot of teasing over it, but I'm beginning to think he may have been correct. Could the TPP be one of the final nails in the coffin of our country?

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