Letters to the Editor - Sept. 29, 2012

Letters from Eleanor Fuhrer, Glenna Green, Roland Vorrath, Ryan Thornton, Scott Gibson, Lucy Young

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@Lucy Young - I think you mistook what Romney said after the attacks. Thank goodness we have someone willing to stand up for this country. Obama couldn't be bothered as the attacks (which were against this country on the anniversary of 9/11) were inconvenient for him as he was as usual busy campaigning, appearing on Letterman and The View. This Administration was warned days before the attack and did nothing! Explain that to the families of those poor murdered souls. He is no Commander in Chief and is a joke to this country. Even after all the liberal media finally began to understand that these attacks were coordinated and not in response to the YouTube video (that most people were unaware of) he still denied it and stood in front of the UN continuing to lie and blame it on the video. Shame on Obama! More debt, unemployment and an unending recession. He's the disgrace in my opinion! How on earth he continues to have supporters is unbelievable.
And as someone else has asked - if he's re-elected will he inherit his debt or George Bush's?


Mr. Romney seems to need quite a bit of help from others to explain various comments that he has made. I don't believe making political hay immediately after Americans have been murdered is what we need from a Commander in Chief, but I'm sure he meant something different than what he actually said. I need to get me one of those "Romney Translators".


So called making political hay after Americans have been murdered? Our embassador was murdered by terrorists and everyone is upset with Romney's tone? That is exactly the time a LEADER is suppose to comment. We need to hear this man's opinion. God willing Romney will be president and we can put obama in the rear view mirror.


@footsquatch - perfect comment and on target! We can only hope the majority of this country is thinking the same way. Obama is the biggest disaster to ever take the oath of office and I agree with you - in the rear view mirror. Romney is a leader and I can't wait for the debates. Americans were murdered and he can't be bothered with security briefings. It's being reported that they're busy getting rid of evidence regarding the attacks. Let's see how he further spins his web of lies.


Obama 2012!!

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