Letters to the Editor - Oct. 18, 2013

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Don Dix

Mr. Fuller's advice seems a little 'slanted'.

Faux (as he spells it) is definitely right isle. And MSNBC is certainly left, but never mind, I guess.

Cruz is an extremist to the right, just like Pelosi on the left.

And apparently the only money trail involving the Citizen's United decision leads to the Koch brothers -- seriously?

Can't say I agree any Mr. Fuller's advice will solve anything, but it will keep the partisan bickering alive, so we've got that going for us!


Several years ago I noticed an intriguing bumper sticker written in the configuration of a subtraction problem. It read, "Plan your work, Work your plan; I'm not in your hurry."
I agree with Darrell King that Mrs. Kurtzbein should take all the time she needs. She's earned it.
However, there are a few suggestions that are simply common sense and apply to everyone tired and cranky after standing in glacially paced lines: Have your check ready--don't reach for it in your purse only after the checker tells you the total. Fill in the date, the name of the store and your signature in advance. At a store such as Winco, don't simply root yourself to the floor while your items pile up on the conveyor belt. You should be bagging them.
At a drive-up bank window, your transaction should be ready to hand over. This is not the place to shoot the breeze with the teller--if that's what makes you happy, go inside to do your banking.
Be aware you are three-dimensional. Don't park your cart in the middle of the aisle.
Have your directional signal on before the light changes. Don't force people to guess your intentions.
It would be great if life moved at a leisurely pace and we all could be courtly ladies and gentlemen and exchange calling cards.

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