Letters to the Editor - Nov. 30, 2012

Letters from Brian Kotch, Don Bowie

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Don Dix

Mr. Bowie,

You are correct! Our political leaders are not concerned with the average citizen, or his/her troubles.

Instead of a pay cut, how about no pay, no health care, no retirement contributions or any other perks of the position until this financial trouble is solved? Money seems to be the interest, so deny it until Congress takes the job seriously, with noticeable progress towards stability.

Congress goes through the all the motions of concern only at election time -- and then rewards those big spenders, while the rest of the nation is ignored.

And most politicians are only passing time until some big campaign contributor offers a cushy, high paying, do nothing position for previous favors garnered. Place limits (like 5 years) before any retiring member of Congress can join any contributing firm. It's quite possible that corrupt politicians (read many) would be discouraged from even running if there weren't a big payoff immediately after service.

If it has to start somewhere, why not here and now?

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