Letters to the Editor - Nov. 29, 2013

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I just had a thought on Steven Perkins comments on raw milk. He mentioned how recent scientific links showed factory farm produced milk was linked to cancer.

In the research the comparison was to Mongolian cattle and consisted of one very small study. It would take 182 Mongolian cattle to produce what one American cow produces annually. Our average dairy farmer has 100 cows. They would have to go to 1820 Mongolian cattle to get the same milk production, thereby creating factory farms and destroying our small dairy farmers......

That's a lot of extra BS, Steven. You see, when you have enough food you have many other problems to deal with. When you don't have enough food you only have one problem. Thank God for our American farmers! Of course, if we are unable to keep American farmers we can always get it from China.....

Mark Warner


Gotta watch that Nortness fellow. Whenever he complains it is about conservatives or Republicans and never about his flawed party that he cannot defend: The Democrats. They like both illegal citizens as well as the dead to vote because they always vote Democrat.


Hey “knowitall,” Seems to me that YOU are the one who drops in here to post offensive unfounded snark about “The Democrats.” (We can but hope that no one judges the attitudes of the honorable Republican Party by your comments.) I do wonder why you do this, and what you hope to accomplish by denigrating your fellow Americans from behind that cloak of anonymity. Would you make such absurd accusations to someone’s face?

These letters state opinions, and the writers actually signed their names to their opinions. Anonymous personal attacks seem quite inappropriate, if not worse.

Don Dix

What -- Ds and Rs pointing fingers and making accusations? Just think about the cluster**** if Congress were to take this attitude -- Oh! Never mind!

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