Letters to the Editor Nov. 2, 2012

Letters from Randy Murphy, Phyllice Bradner, Charles Strong, Don Kirk, Scott Gibson, Barbara Boyer, Ed Fuller, Bill Johnson, Ronald Hutchison, Al Lemay, John W. Englebrecht, Ronald W. Stone, Henry Evers

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A question for Mr. Kirk:

I wonder what informs your accusation that the vandals who trashed your sign are Obama supporters? Vandalism is a crime. I am an Obama supporter, I regard ALL criminal criminal activity to be disturbing.

Don Dix

Mr. Englebrecht wrote -- "The editorial in the News-Register calling the 1000 Friends and Friends of Yamhill County litigation machines showed poor knowledge of the make-up of those groups and the county commissioners." Seriously?

History (and a records search) tells a much different story than Mr. Englebrecht is selling. McMinnville has spent 16 years and millions to fulfill state mandated UGB expansion. Every plan has been appealed.

But ask the people of Bend, Woodburn, Eugene, and any city that is required to have a 20 year expansion plan. It's the same everywhere -- appeal the plan, appeal the decision, appeal the appeal, and on and on. And private property owners have been dragged through the same legal maze without recourse.

As is, these bozos get a free ride to question anything land use, and the defense must pay, even when exonerated by the court. If there were a 'loser pays' clause, it is certain the lawsuits and appeals would diminish remarkably. And maybe those wasted public dollars could be put to better use.

Frankly, when attempting to think of any action taken by either of these groups, there is nothing but litigation. If there is anything else, any action to besides litigation, please, speak up.

Otherwise, it appears the NR nailed it!

Dances with Redwoods

Letter to the Editor,

I used/read the new E-Edition of the News-Register this morning.

I like it, good idea. Discovering the Friday edition (printed version) in our PO Box so early in the day was a pleasant surprise as well.

Thank you,

Michael Tubbs Sr
Grand Ronde, OR


@ Dances, I must be doing something wrong. I tried viewing the e-version on my I-Pad but without any luck. After several attempts and the E Version not loading, I gave up. I only could see part of a page and the fonts were really weird. I'll wait until the bugs are worked out before subscribing.

Just Lookin

Regarding "End the war on pot" or Dope.

The writer personally knows some "respected" politicians, who knowingly broke the laws. I really hope they do not have any respect for that politician. So many say they know of politicians, Law enforcement or others who smoke dope. As long as it is illegal (Against the law), they are willingly and knowingly breaking the law. Shame on them! If they wish to smoke dope, then let them make it legal. The OMMP program is a sham also. Do a quick search on Craigslist for "OMMP", and see how many people are wanting to "trade" their extra. Or have you "Donate" money for their extra dope. Make it legal if you wish, but suffer what happens because of it.
If you have an employee using it, what are you going to do about their employment?
If politicians and other "Respected" individuals want to smoke dope, then allow them to step down from their jobs, and allow them to "Not" receive any retirement or benefits.

Dances with Redwoods

Yeah, it was like that at first for me, too ... then I followed directions.

Dances with Redwoods

Letter to the Editor

Under the most commented feature, there is an article on the list that I've found myself unable to view. It's titled, Barack Obama wins re-election (4)


Hey there Dances

Worry not. You must have some pull around here, the link you reference doesn't seem to be accessible. Go figure!

Dances with Redwoods

None at all, and no idea as to why you'd say that, treefarmer. I was just curious, no biggie.


Just Lookin.
Holy cow! Whats your guilty pleasure? I would hate to be your kid...

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