Letters to the Editor - Nov. 16, 2012

Letters from Peggy Lutz, David Terry, Kevin C. Nortness, Gerald L. Fowles, Liz Marlia-Stein

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Scott Gibson

To David Terry: Quite right, my position on tax and economic policy as expressed was vague and ill-defined. Such are the limitations of 300 words for a letter to the editor. The tax details were not my main point. My intent was to point out that compromise is necessary if the Republicans are to shore up their position with Latinos and much of the middle class.

I respectfully disagree that compromise on immigration and taxes would make Repubicans into de facto Democrats. One reason I stayed vague is that the nature of compromise is to maintain flexibility on specifics while staying true to principles. I happen to believe there is wiggle room for Republicans, and so do people like Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, and William Kristol, who are not my heroes. Perhaps there is a "real alternative" as you suggest that a will change the perspective of the electorate about the GOP. I frankly suspect compromise on both taxes and immigration will indeed occur. Time will tell.

As for Democrats needing to deliver, I will step out on a limb and make a prediction. After Obama's first election in 2008 I predicted that he would be re-elected as people would largely peg the bad economy on Bush and Obama would benefit from the likely recovery. Based on an analysis by the Economist and the general history of recoveries, I will predict the economy will be better in 2016 and the Democrats will benefit. A meltdown in Europe or China could totally reverse that, but I am currently optimistic. Once again, time will tell.

Thanks for your thoughtful response.

Don Dix

Dr. Gibson,

Use all the catch words and phrases necessary -- 'compromise', 'real alternative', 'wriggle room', etc.
The political division has widened and is being strengthened by extreme positions on both sides. The trouble is neither many liberals or conservatives are interested in anything but strict party line loyalty, which consistently feeds the beast. And isn't it interesting that the loser is always chided to change course or compromise -- usually with a hint of gloat.

But lost in all this turmoil are the neutral citizens who must make do with circumstances caused by the constant battle between the extremes. Record national debt, foreclosures, $4 gas, bailouts for big contributors (and none for the people), Solyndra, have effectively eliminated the middle from any discussion or real assistance.

The political parties are so busy trying to smear each other, the business of the nation gets shoved aside. The so-called 'representatives' have little compassion after election but to promote party platform over everything (or another clone will hold that office next time).

Elections should be about the candidates, not which way they lean. What can they do for the people, not their benefactors and campaign contributors? But that isn't the way it works in D.C. D.C. takes care of those who open their wallets, and big business and unions take care of those politicians after service (loose term, service) with appointments to lucrative positions.

Left or right, both parties should be ashamed of the situation they have created. But in order to be ashamed, there needs to be some semblance of a conscience -- at this point, none detected!


Kevin Nortness is much like the Grinch that Stole Winter Solstice. Every now and then he comes down from the hill and, with much fanfare and two-dollar words spreads divisivness and ill will for all but his socialist mentors.

Check the ratings. Fox News is the most fair and balanced of any other network and at least has a liberal present the left. He talks like Obama got a mandate to tax the crap out of us for all his spending and health reforms but he didn't. Now go to Benghazi and when you come back tell us the truth: Obama is not the one.


All I know, is that the American dream has all but turned into a marge... I listen to Judge Andrew Napolitano speak and my heart lietrally breaks. Very sad.

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