Letters to the Editor - May 31, 2013

Demotions, firing warranted

I would like to say a few things about the incident involving Sgt. Tim Heidt. First, he should not be protected by arbitration — union or not.

He is guilty of assaulting a person who was not guilty of anything and receiving help to do so. Sheriff’s Deputy Rich Broyles jumped in and hit the victim, then Cully Desmond of the Mac police tased the man. Guilty or not, you are going to get tased. Now, we find this happened back in 2010.

Nobody outside of the departments knew anything about this incident. Where did the film come from? Were they trying to keep things hush-hush or sweep things under the rug?

Then the same person gets rowdy in Seaside, and no charges were brought against him by the Seaside Police. From the story in the local paper — fighting, etc., it seems to me that someone with a .24 percent blood alcohol level should be charged with something. What I don’t get is two big cops taking advantage of one drunk male — or were there three cops? Hmmm ... He must have been one mean guy!

Well, all said but not done, the police involved should lose their pay and be demoted, regardless of their role in the incident. Sgt. Heidt should be fired for his part because he does not or cannot get things straight. Oops ... I meant to say Officer Heidt, not Sergeant.

Jim Mayes




Doesn't anyone consider it ironic how the term "transparency" is thrown around, but it never actually applies to the people advocating it? There is no justice here. The fact remains that the victim was a PASSENGER in the car. He did nothing improper. What shameful, reprehensible behavior.

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