Letters to the Editor - May 30, 2014

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VA hospitals have always sucked.


Mary Novack,I hope to hell you never have a homosexual or transgender child or grandchild because I would be afraid for their life at your hand,NO ONE chooses this lifestyle it is a birth defect,get that through your head! a BIRTH DEFECT,it is not visible,no missing arms or legs,no blindness,or deafness,just a severe emotional pain of not being the norm,trying to fit in,and still wanting what everyone else has,a wife,a husband or children and having to deal with people like YOU! LOVE,COMPASSION,UNDERSTANDING AND TOLERANCE,maybe you should indulge in a little of each of these,the vibes you are sending are very unchristian and hateful.

Robert Lee

In addition, regarding Mary Novacks letter, this line of fake rationality I've heard many times over the years and it is as false now as it was the first time I heard it. This would result in a ban on marriages for anyone that is infertile or sterile at birth, or who has as a result of illness or injury become so. When someone is opposed to something they'll use any reasons, no matter how irrational, to justify their own beliefs. No one can accept they might be the villain in a story.

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