Letters to the Editor - May 26, 2012

Letters from John W. Englebrecht, David Johnson, David Terry, Tim Duerfeldt, Micheal G. Groshong, Donna Kuust, Scott Gibson

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Mr. Terry,

Like you, I'm also sick and tired of having to choose between bad and worse every election cycle. Also like you, I believe we should reject the majority of both Republican and Democratic candidates, as neither party is fit to govern our country any longer. But before thowing in your lot with the Libertarians, have you considered Rocky Anderson of the Justice Party?

Check out voterocky.org.



Tim Duerfeldt's "rant" is very deceiving. If every PERS recipient was receiving the 60.7 percent (Tim's rate, public knowledge) of final salary, there would be zero public sector layoffs in Oregon and no teachers would be losing jobs. From 1990 to 2009 the payout for PERS 30 year recipients was 80 percent. The problem is that there are thousands of recipients receiving well over 100 percent of their final salary. In year 2000 the average payout was 100 percent of final salaries. What is worse, the payouts are increasing every year. There are more Tier I members still working than are retired, so this significant problem still has a long time to fester.

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