Letters to the Editor - May 24, 2013

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Wishful thinking on your part, Elmer.

Michael Tubbs Sr
Grand Ronde, Oregon

Don Dix

Well, since Clinton didn't have 'sex' with Monica, Nixon was not a crook, and Bush Jr. went to Iraq because of WMDs (instead of retaliation for Saddam putting a contract on his dad), I guess Obama is just as foolish as his take on the American public.

Twisting the truth has become a useful art among 'professional politicians'. Responsibility always falls upon the head of those just following orders, and the real perpetrators go on about their business as if they are immune.

When Obama was elected, so many 'followers' felt he was the second coming, gushing at his every word. Now the 'dew is off the lily', and it turns out Obama is no better than his predecessors.

Funny how Karma finds the truth, and all of the faults, wouldn't you say?


As the grand illusion dissipates, apparently, so goes the war on terror. And from that I would conclude, that, it's getting harder to believe in anything, anymore, Don.

Don Dix

Another revelation came to light within the IRS.

The spokesperson (Lois Lerner) was recorded on tape with a reporter. The reporter stated that his numbers show that 25% of the 501c filers were put under the microscope (much more than other filers). "Is that about right", he asked.

Lerner replied, 'Well, there were 300 applicants, and 75 were singled out. Those are the numbers, but I'm not that good at math, so I'll take your word for it.' (not exact context of conversation)

Excuse me! People at the IRS are responsible for tallying up numbers, big numbers. And here is a upper grade official admitting she is not that good at math. What's been going on here? Does the IRS just hire people, even with lack of basic qualifications?

I can only speak for myself, but this troubling. A powerful government department that scares most people with the threat of an audit, has routinely crawled up millions of asses to find a dollar, and put Martha Stewart in prison to make her an example, is made up of number crunchers who may not be able to crunch.

Maybe someone ought to suggest a little oversight, or maybe the same scrutiny towards the IRS that seems more than eager to deliver said scrutiny upon the public.

As time passes, we find out more and more about the inner workings of our government, and the results are not encouraging, even embarrassing to those who claim little or no responsibility.


After Hillary Clinton's comment, "What difference does it make?" regarding the reason for the Benghazi murders, she should have been fired. I voted for Obama primarily because he said he would end these pointless, draining wars. For a mission that never existed. Who cares about people who jump up and down and stone women to death for being raped? What a bitter disappointment...I guess it feels exciting if you actually get to push the war buttons. We learned nothing from Vietnam, and I do not support the troops.

troy prouty

I look at the IRS a little different. first and foremost they are understaffed. I would say that since there has been 40,000 lines of tax codes added (write off's mostly),.. That many americans are probably in someway cheating the system and there is little to no enforcement of them. The fact that people oppose taxes and brag about opposing taxes makes one a target to what little enforcement the may have. This doesn't mean I agree with it, but simple fact.. If I'm looking to find something.. for example a hooker. I would check the streets not a church.

Next since you brought up clinton.. I have never been a Hilliary fan.. But I must say that many Americans (not me) feel you can win the war on terror. and in reality what difference is the label of an act of violence? do we say terrorist or freedom fighter? so there you have it. If you want to argue they could have done more than argue that point, not rather it was a "terrorist act" or just an "act".



Hardly understaffed when they're hiring 16,000 more just to administer the nightmare called the Affordable Care Act and then there are the thousands more that are being hired just to walk around and help people fill out the 30+ page booklet and application for healthcare.

troy prouty

I would disagree. What is our population? How many cuts were there prior to the passage of the affordable healthcare act and at what percent?

It appears that you are judging on positions in the future with the current rate of hiring.. Instead of saying they were undersatffed after being laid off to begin with?

that is like Boeing to ask for a tax break for hiring 120 people after just laying off 230.

I guess you can apply there.

troy* wink.


Equal protection under the law (from my simple perspective) I would understand to mean, law equally applied to all.

When large numbers of people have been granted exemptions not granted to all, then a crumbling of one of our society's most important cornerstones has begun, eventually so goes the rest of the pyramid.

Just my opinion, not that my opinion matters.

Lulu, have you tried these folks--->WWW.PVA.ORG

Don Dix

The IRS employs 88,203 full time number crunchers. With part time added, there are approximately 100,000. That's about 1 IRS agent for every 3,000 citizens, and not all (children for example) are required to file returns.

Taxpayers cheat, no doubt. Those are the ones that should be caught, if possible. But to put Martha Stewart in prison for a $40,000 insider-trading issue smacks of blasphemy. Our entire congress and administration officials have the privilege of doing just that without any recourse (they wrote the law to benefit themselves). That fact hardly applies the law 'equally'.

A few years ago, the IRS 'misplaced' $50+ M. There was no panic, no concern, and no major changes or firings to the upper staff. Put yourself in that predicament, and see how far up the gazoo the IRS would wander to find the money.

'Equal treatment' is a hopeful wish at best, and in reality, complete fiction.


"Equal treatment' is a hopeful wish at best, and in reality, complete fiction.

I'm think'n that every politician that voted for recently passed House Bill 3409 (no matter whom is coiffing their hair come next February ( out of respect for black culture) be offered nothing but 'corn-rows' for their crowns during the entire month of February.

Any thoughts, Don?

Don Dix

A new development over @ the IRS. It appears that the taxpayers have been funding a few expensive conferences and other 'get togethers' for our trusty agents.

But this isn't about not just some little junket or two. From 2010 - 2012 (3 years), the IRS held 225 employee conferences around the country (more than one per week).

Our poor over-worked agents were lavished with gifts, room upgrades, and entertainment, just for showing up.

Here's the rub -- total cost $49 M. Really, $49M? $217K every 4 or 5 days? That seems a bit 'penny stupid', wouldn't you say?

My question is thus -- how many other government agencies, departments, divisions, sections and what not misuse their position to spend money foolishly or unnecessarily? Stealing a buzzword from the recent past, I would guess about "99%" !


Maybe someone will design some kinda 'Sim's program that allows for more interaction to take place via the internet. That way everyone could show up online and interact with each other by way of their official government issued avatar(s)

A government issued avatar could be assigned on day one, first day on the job as a government employee, and follow the employee throughout their entire GS career. Back-ups of their entire career would be stored on 'servers' for perusal at any given moment, on any given day or night for any number of reasons when there is a need for total recall.

That kinda transparency might save a few bucks. Don't you think, Don?

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