Letters to the Editor - May 2, 2014

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I find Ken Dollinger's reasons for supporting the candidacies of Stan Primozich and Debra Bridges to be spot on. It is one thing for a candidate with strong ideological passions to rail against the status quo; it is quit another to actually do the everyday job of managing the budgets, personnel and policies of a large organization, while keeping the interests of the many balanced and protected. Stan and Debra have both demonstrated their skills at doing this for years.

Mary Starrett's conservative values make her an attractive candidate for lots of people. Unfortunately, I believe she fails to understand what it means to actually do the job she seeks. In her zeal to champion the principles of limited government, she tells us she has signed a pledge to never raise county taxes or fees, if elected. We all love to imagine that prospect, and nobody wants to pay more than they should for government services. But these kinds of feel-good stands against the perception of out-of-control government spending are extremely poorly advised commitments against future realities.

While making demands to run government more like a business, these kinds of pledges serve only to hamstring the ability of local officials make necessary adjustments to agency budgets as economic conditions change over time. I want people in office who are committed to holding the line on unneccessary government growth; but I don't want them beholden to an outside pledge that ties their hands when it comes time to make real-world decisions about funding essential public services.

Mary's heart may be in the right place, but Debra's mind is better prepared to do the job we need. She will be getting my vote.

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