Letters to the Editor - March 31, 2012

Letters from Scott Gibson M.D., Ann Reid, Ilsa Perse, Marilyn Higginson, Virginia Jungwirth

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What is Ann Reid suggesting to replace Capitalism? Anything? I hope it is not something from the unorganized "Occupy Movement".

Michael Tubbs Sr

" End Capitalism "

People should be careful what they wish for. I would imagine that life here in America would become horribly harsh for about 99% of the people. What products would become unavailable..or..unattainable to the many?

Michael Tubbs Sr

"Letters to the Editor"
(Source: msnbc.com)
"....this is a time to take a deep breath and make sure you have the facts and pause. A good rule of thumb is if you are going to send a flaming e-mail out, sleep on it first or at least walk around the block. Because once it goes - you can't get it back."

Patti Johnson
CEO of PeopleResults

I sincerely & respectfully disagree.
Michael Tubbs Sr., Grand Ronde, Oregon.

Kathleen Blair

Capitalism doesn't need to be replaced, but rather, practiced within a moral framework which affirms that "Unto he whom much is given, much is required," rather than the current Randian sociopathic amoral morass it is now. Capitalism is the best system we've yet devised to create prosperity& boatloads of cash for the majority, and must be accompanied by a highly moral social conscience. If however, Capitalism becomes weaponized, as it is now, then it will become a public nuisance and a clear and present danger to society at large.

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