Letters to the Editor - March 29, 2013

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Don Dix

Charlie Montgomery may have a good idea about limiting corporate political influence. He states correctly, "People are becoming tools of corporations. "

Hopefully this change would also include any 'special interests' that also use people and politics to gain advantages.

Without inclusion of all shady political influence, any change would only shift the advantages, not eliminate them.


What a shame about KLYC, a radio station that truly served the community.

Dick Mason keeps making veiled accusations of obstruction and non-cooperation in the failed transfer of the station's license, and it's obvious he's not referring to the FCC. When are we going to read the other side of this story?

Don Dix

If a 9.0 magnitude quake hits this area, the devastation and death to the civilians should be paramount. Communication lines would be compromised. Bridges, hiways, and structures demolished. Basically, very little left (as we know it).

Under theses circumstances, response to the berm at the dump would be a much less significant emergency, wouldn't you think?

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