Letters to the Editor - March 28, 2014

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Retain Evergreen Museum - 90% of the opinion talks about the exhibits that the museum. How about the actions of the Evergreen Board that put the museum in jeparody? Poor management tactics that violated non-profit laws are the issues here. Pull out the board members that created the problem and then talk about saving the museum. I for one will not accept continued compensation of board members that fail in their duties. Look at the banking system, taxpayer dollars to fix the mess and then they go right back to getting multi-million dollar bonuses.


Why is it Joanne that if you care for animals that you must not care about humans? Do you approve of animal cruelty unless all abortions are stopped? People always use this argument when there is punishment for animal abuse, and I just don't understand why they seem to resent that so much. The two issues aren't linked.


Oregonize, I agree that one should not compare the intent of the two separate laws: the law that allows human abortions versus the law that does not allow cat killing. The commonality here, however, is life. Since laws are enforced by the same entity (the government) we would hope that the government holds a common value base upon which to standardize their laws. When looking just at the value of life, we need a better explanation for why abortion is legal for almost any reason. The baby kicking inside should have rights also, and we should protect them. Just as we would want to protect cats.


Joanne, it isn’t a question of cats being more valuable than people….the message is that ALL life is precious. Whether that is a cat, dog, man, woman or a baby.


Why is it that if scientists discover one or two cells dividing on Mars they would hail it as "life". Here on earth a dividing cell in the form of a fetus and even until the baby is born it is considered an "unviable tissue mass"?

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