Letters to the Editor - March 24, 2012

Letters from Brian Bessler, Jo McIntyre, Gerald L. Fowles, Susan Meredith, Merilyn Reeves, Jan Noland

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Don Dix

I would agree that the six cent gas tax increase has not yielded the expected revenue. One would think charging 30 cents for every gallon of gas would be enough to keep the roads in shape. But the combination of government and money have never been an effective partnership. And Oregon's roads are just another glaring example.

The gas tax increase is just another tax hike that didn't live up to promises. Measures 66 & 67 were said (by some) to be the 'fix' to Oregon's 'revenue shortage'. How did that work out ? Well, other than consumers paying more for most purchases (tax on gross sales passed on), it didn't!

An effective litmus test is thus -- anytime taxes are raised, in most cases, those that are promoting the change are usually in line to benefit.

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