Letters to the Editor - March 17, 2012

Letters from readers David Terry, Sandra Ponto, Shawn Rollins, Nancy Thornton, Arnie Hollander

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Just Lookin

Where does everyone propose the garbage go to? Someone else' city or backyard? Some garbage or recycling centers generate electricity from the garbage. Everyone complains no matter what. Some are responsible. How long will the push and pull about Riverbend go on? Indefinitely it appears.


Shawn Rollins should have disclosed in his letter who he works for. Conflict of interest??? How does he personally benefit from landfill expansion? at the expense of the rest of us.....


WOW Recovery Center is a wonderful place to recycle on Orchard Ave. It would be terrific to add another state-of-the-art facility on the other side of McMinnville as well. Riverbend landfill should NOT be expanded to accept even more mountains of out of county trash (that now will include dangerous debris from across the Pacific!). A transfer station along side the new recycling center would be the best answer. How about it Waste Management? You have invested in new technology to deal with trash in Arlington, it would should be sent there.


Shawn Rollins born and raised McMinnville Oregon, I own a sweeping and maintance company and I got my start in the Air Force and working at the the steel mill as a shearmans helper, how about you ?? I use the landfill as do my customers and former employers, do you work ??? Are you from here ??? are you at all intrested in the problems, job losses and impact on my community, You question my integrity I question yours whats in this for you, Hey if that property speculation investment you made didnt work out... sorry about that and oh buy the way alot people including me dream of living out in the country and would if we could manage it, even within site of the landfill.

As I have said publicly and I have no problems saying now, NIMBYSISM has its place but not here (in my opinion) and to listen to people who move from out of the area and make public statements that they are upset that their million dollar veiw is ruined becase you can see a tractor on a hill holds no water with me, and the farmer who says to me its the smell, well manure spreaders and dairy waste injectors make eyes water more than the landfill.

People I care about live within site of the landfill and are my friends, alot people in waste not are my friends too, I understand and share some of their concerns sure, but to go after a buisness thats legal and supports my community with revenue,jobs and convient waste disposal services is not right or fair, and if I hear BIG WASTE MANAGEMENT TEXAS !!! I'm going to puke that's like complaining about Mcdonalds or Purina (both here in mac)


RE: David Terry's fantasy that Ron Paul will bring the troops home the day after he is inaugurated: how is it possible to do that with all of the red tape involved in de-mobing troops?

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