Letters to the Editor - March 10, 2012

Letters from Jim Parker, Richard Grover, Ken Dollinger, Ron Catlin, Liz Marlia-Stein, Sherry Collett

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Don Dix

So Dr. Gibson spoke at a meeting of Demos. That would be somewhat remarkable if Dr. Gibson were not a member. Otherwise, hardly noteworthy.

His stated mission was -- "to talk with us about the budget crisis ensuing with McMinnville School District 40." Oh yes, there is a budget crisis, but ensuing? Really? For those who just fell off the potato truck, District 40 has experienced a 'budget crisis' yearly. Why would such common knowledge be any reason for "special recognition"? Oh yeah, party politics.

If there was some revelation and reasonable application to solving District 40's financial situation put forth, there is no doubt Mrs. Stein would have boastfully reported (unless she is being 'less than transparent and open' about what was actually discussed). Thus, none reported, none noted.

A leader is described as 'one who takes charge or guides' -- or 'a short bit of material used to separate a lure or bait from the main line to hide detection'. The jury of public opinion might still be in deliberation over this choice!

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