Letters to the Editor - June 9, 2012

Letters from Joe Fabiano, Barbara Jelinek

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Could you explain what you mean by "professional courtesy"? That sounds inappropriate.

You said, "In addition, we routinely practiced �professional courtesy� to others in our profession.


"What a waste of time. This appears to be more of a revenue generator than a corrective action".

Nail on the head Joe... Nail on the head...



Sharks don't eat other sharks for a reason, and that's a given.


The idea of creating laws (Policies) that are far from the constitution is called a power grab. governments way to show the sheep who is in control. You know it never used to be this way, it's happen slowly over time. If they took everything from us at once. It would be too noticeable. small steps, little by little they will force more laws, for instance, cursing in public (recent MSM), spitting in public, soon color of clothes(already happening in schools) what to eat, electricity, inoculations,

The European Data Protection Supervisor has warned that smart meters are a significant privacy threat and wants limits on the retention and use of customer data before it's too late.

Romeny is Pro-Abortion , Anti-Gun , Goldman Sachs, big government puppet.
Oh wait, Yes thats right not anymore, as of recent. He's a changed man!
Now he's Anti-Abortion, Pro-gun, Private funded, Small government, but still loves wars...and people want to vote for him?


oh yes, Obomney also likes NDAA, the use of surveillance drones, voting against the audit the fed, increasing the department of education..I'm sure there is more I'm missing...but if you love it. Please leave the country, we don't want you here.


Actually, tiger sharks eat their siblings, until there is only one left to be born. sharks will eat each other. That is a given.


RonPaul 2012,
This is a true story you tell... But the truth is, this dilution of our children's education and the tainted food, the bad water, the deterioration of the family unit supported by the mass media to destroy us, it's all been happening for generations and generations. It is now, like it has always been,our responsibility as divine creatures to leave our legacy the knowledge to fight these governmental powers. The machine is so big, and strong, and we are being poisoned by politics and governments.


Thank you for bringing me up to speed, actually, I hadn't had the juvenile sharks in mind.


But sharks don't eat attorneys... professional courtesy.

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