Letters to the Editor - June 7, 2013

Media ignored GMO march

On Saturday, May 25, I was able to attend the March against Monsanto in Portland.

This march was taking place not just in Oregon, but worldwide. People marched on six continents and in more than 400 cities around the globe.

This movement against a growing threat to our existence was barely even talked about in the days leading up to the event.

Despite major coverage of the movement through social media, the mainstream media did not promote prior to, or cover the event as it was taking place for the most part. This is very concerning for me.

To know that a worldwide protest could take place and not get the coverage by our media that it deserves shows the lack of concern for real reporting of issues by our media in the United States.

How is it that massive groups of people flooding the busiest streets in our cities cannot elicit a single worthy report on the issue of GMOs (genetically modified organisms) taking place throughout our world? Even as many stood to show solidarity against this growing threat, those who are relied on for promoting this message through the media ignored the movement.

It saddens me to see that journalists have bowed to the authoritarian state I see falling into place around them.

Journalists should be covering the movements within the communities of our nation, which are sparking hope and unity, not discontent and division.

To be a journalist is a very trusted position.  Our hope in the truth lies with journalists who have the power to impress others to take stands and demand equality from our lawmakers.

They should write stories that spark change, not continued divisions and destruction. We count on them for truthful, relevant and honest reporting. Please give us what we are seeking.

Steven Perkins


More information needed

As a YCOM board member and Budget Committee chair, I want to share some facts about the YCOM (Yamhill Communications Agency) Budget Committee and its decision to raise dues 3 percent this year.

Over the past seven years, members’ dues have increased 20 percent, not including this year’s raise. The committee had no balanced budget in front of them until the last meeting. How could anyone recommend any budget without seeing it?

The News-Register editorial, “Fiscal prudence all talk, no action” (Viewpoints, May 31), stated that agencies need to plan ahead. How could the committee tell any of the agencies how to plan ahead without all the information?

Seven of eight budget committee members present thought it best to hold the raise to 3 percent this year until all the needed information was in front of them — not only a balanced budget, but also a long-awaited and overdue Adcom report, which came out on May 31. We also wanted input from the advisory committee that was established to help lay out a plan for how to move ahead.

It is unfortunate that we are looked upon as irresponsible. No one I know involved in the YCOM system has anything but the best intentions for the YCOM organization.

I can assure you that changes are coming. It will be the executive board’s job to put together a plan that allows all users to see what is coming in the next few years, and what the costs will be.

I find it interesting to note that when you write a letter to the paper you must sign it, but I see no signature on any editorials.

Rick Mishler


Editor’s note: As noted on Page C2 of Viewpoints, unsigned editorials are a joint effort of the newspaper’s editorial staff, or more specifically, of a three-member editorial board.



I wonder when the sky will quit falling?

Don Dix

The 'falling sky syndrome' is a very useful tool -- to just about anyone who can sell the prospect. Enormous amounts of cash await for whomever comes up the 'latest and greatest' looming disaster.

Find a cause (believable or not), create a concern, and exaggerate the consequences (or outright lie). There are many people and agencies (public and private) that are looking for a 'ground-floor trend', seeking recognition, as well as funding beyond imagination.

It's a 'no-brainer' -- in more ways than one!

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