Letters to the Editor - June 6, 2014

Thanks for movie reviews

Many thanks to David Bates for 14 years of insight and fun.

We have had a gem in David Bates as our local film critic. I have long appreciated his talent and generosity as his weekly column reminded me of, and introduced me to, movies worth watching. I wish him the best in his new collaboration with Movietime Video.

Ken Moore



Silence on moral issues

Good for David Koch (Readers Forum, May 23). Speaking out for fairness is not the usual format today.

It is time to acknowledge the wrong that permeates our nation. We have made right into wrong, wrong into right, all in the name of Political Correctness, or P.C. What we really need is M.C., Moral Correctness. We have lost our way.

I believe our government is corrupt. We’ve elected representatives who ignore the people’s wishes. It is not the American way to remain silent in the face of wrongdoing.

Our Constitution is becoming a nonentity — and we say nothing. Our country was founded on Christian principles. As a nation, it is not acknowledged — and we keep silent. I believe our country is being divided by Islam  — again, the silence is deafening. 

As for me, I am not politically correct, nor am I racist, homophobic or Islama-phobic. Actually, I am an older woman who lives in the past, an America when we were Americans, not black Americans, Mexican Americans, and so on. Even the immigrants at that time loved this country. It was a wonderful time to be an American.

This is still the greatest nation, but it is fast slipping away from us. We must protest, loudly speaking out for what is right: God and country, in just that order.

Beverly King




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