Letters to the Editor - June 28, 2013

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David Terry's letter should be mandatory reading.


So, what functional role does the President of the United States of America have to play in any of this police state that we currently enjoy?


I'm thinking that Nancy-we-won't-know-what's-in-it-until-we-pass-it-Pelosi is deserving of some honorable mention, too.

How about Ol' Iron Pant's Clinton, where has she weighed in on any of this NSA police state stuff?

Don Dix

Dr. Gibson,

I know you mentioned it, but the cost of prescription medication cannot be overlooked when determining savings for medical care.

Pills that cost hundreds for each! Injections well into the thousands! Could the ingredients needed to make these remedies be so rare and limited that they rival the price of very precious metals? Seriously? A frickin' pill!

Or, as I suspect, someone is making a monetary killing, while our politicians are well paid to look the other way.

Think about it -- The public pays a high price for medication, and, in turn, some of that money is filtered to various politicians for legislative or departmental favors. If one had to pick a place to begin, breaking up that particular partnership would be a great start.


That's right Don. Super PACS suck.

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