Letters to the Editor - June 21, 2013

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Well done P.J. Morrissey, well done.


Extremely well articulated P.J. Your values are amazing and the experiences you've had so far will last a lifetime. Keep up the good work!


Maybe we should bring back the Crusades, the Spanish Inquisition and re-education camps. Why do you assume your religion must be mine? I don't care about Jesus, and when I die, my only plan is to decompose rather than sit on a cloud and sing. I have no problem with that fact, and neither should you. Get over your hysteria and butt out.
As far as home schooling is concerned, why would I want to be with my parents 24/7? There's a gigantic world out there and I don't care to experience it lockstep with my family.


Lulu, the majority of cultures on this planet have never viewed homosexuality in terms of value. Quite the opposite, actually, There's a reason that our own society does not allow for the serving of dog as a food, whether carefully prepared and served in a 5 star restaurant by the likes of Bobby Flay, or by some hillbilly and his peckerwood buddies throwing a backyard barbecue.

Are not other peoples values imposed upon those folks because most view such an act as unacceptably too taboo?

Actually, it is the homosexual that is trying to impose his or her perceived values on a society that has never accepted homosexuality as anything other than deviant from the societal norm.


Something else, if I may, and its something worth noting. Transvestites (gay men in drag) seem to exhibit no qualms about marching in a 'Pride Parade' all dressed up as Catholic nuns.

Is that because they view the nuns as being sexier or just plain old more permissive than muslim women would be wearing high heels under their hiked-up burkas? If not, then why the obviously blatant discrimination against Muslims?


You seem to have a fixation with homosexuality. And I believe part of the reason for what you consider outlandish behavior might be the torture, emotional and physical, these people endured in the past that was basically ignored. I might want to kick up my high heels, too.
I suggest you stop watching parades.


I've no fixation with homosexuality, and what you believe is neither here nor there. I was simply responding to your thoughts on christianity. As for parades, haven't been to, nor watched one since the 1972 Rose Parade in Pasadena, Ca.

I view their mockery of Catholic nuns as something more than outlandish, it is profanity. Yet, not even the most progressive liberals dare to mock/affront the followers of Allah in such an openly public display of profanity.

Why do you think that is, Lulu?


Since we're posting our comments on the 'Letters to the Editors' thread, perhaps the managing editor of the News-Register might share is view as to why such discrimination is allowed/condoned in the treatment of religion.

Why is it that what is seen as blasphemous to one group of believers so therefore highly discouraged by our elected officials, is yet still given the greenlight in the name of 1st Amendment rights concerning another?

Why is this obvious discrimination acceptable, in your opinion, managing editor of the News-Register, Steve Bagwell?


"Actually, it is the homosexual that is trying to impose his or her values on a society..." A quote from you, F-Minus. Your opinion and equally neither "here nor there."
I'd much rather pass time laughing and making merry with intelligent, witty homosexuals than with hand-wringing, self-proclaimed saints wearing frowny faces while sitting in their Lazy-boy seats of judgement. And yet...expending an inordinate amount of time ferreting out "wickedness." That pitchfork and torch are mighty heavy.
Smile a little more. Have some fun. Make a joyful noise.


The idea of accepting same-sex marriage is an extremely new concept to mankind, how many millinia have homosapiens walked the earth in rejection of such a notion?

Not once in my ten plus years of commenting online have I ever posted the word "wickedness" in any phrase concerning any subject. Not my word, that's your word, Lulu, and whomever you choose to pass your time with is no concern to me.

I neither wring my hands nor make any claims to having led a saintly life, that's your stone to toss and not mine. Other than having quoted the opinion of Jesus concerning his view of pedophiles and what should be their fate (of which I am in most solid of agreement) I have never over the course of my entire lifetime ever quoted chapter nor verse verbally or in writing from any book of religion.

Enjoy your truffles....


How do you know the opinion of Jesus? And whatever Jesus is reported to have said is of no concern to me; this black book was written by regular people, with all the common failings of humans, and it is fiction.


The same way I know of Obama's evolving opinion, by way of speech's written by regular people.

Jeb Bladine


Steve Bagwell is managing editor, overseeing day-to-day news content and responsible for news department operations, but he does not handle the Readers Forum letters.

If we could determine exactly what you are trying to say about discrimination related to letters, we might be able to reply.

Jeb Bladine


Good luck.


That's funny, Jeb. Good one, Lulu.

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