Letters to the Editor - June 14, 2013

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Don Dix

Bill Miller is on the right track. Oregon needs legislators who will do what is right for Oregon.

What Oregon doesn't need is the public employee unions pulling strings on the Demos to keep the money pouring into salaries and benefits. The Demo leaders are 'so beholden' to campaign financing (by the unions), any attempt to reign in the costs are immediately thwarted ((House Speaker Tina Kotek being the prime example).

According to most legislative Demos, a reduction in PERS funding only comes with an increase in taxes. Huh? Attempting to reduced costs can only be achieved by taking more from the citizens of the state? One doesn't need genius status to see where this 'extra money' will find a home.

And if PERS reforms are shot down by the courts as usual, all that will be left is those new taxes.

Here's a novel idea -- why not take all the bribes (campaign contributions) out of state politics? That's where the trouble begins. Candidates would be forced to run on personal merit, rather being able to simply outspend their opponents. This could eliminate many of the puppets now holding office or positions within the state government.

In effect, such a law would free up the reps and senators to actually do the business of the state properly, and take away the leverage that now allows outside influence to demand favorable legislation, seemingly at every turn.

Watching political action groups be left outside the chambers, complaining there is no representation, having to deal with whatever the legislature decides, might be quite entertaining. Gee, that's exactly the situation most Oregon voters find themselves in each session.

Anyone against a level playing field?


People in power seldom relinquish it, and the concept of a level playing field would require such. Hard to fathom in this occurring, but there's always the 'Audacity of Hope' in this age of blatant in your face tribalism.

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