Letters to the Editor - June 13, 2014

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E.J. Farrar

Thank you Ramsey McPhillips for setting the record straight.

Don Dix

To my understanding, the FFA didn't care to place themselves in the middle of a highly controversial issue by immediately accepting the land offer from Waste Management. Good call!

The local knowledge is that Mr. McPhillips has and will do anything within legal means to close the landfill, which is his indisputable right. His offer of land for the FFA is commendable, but was that offer on the table before WM made theirs? Or was it just reactive?

Mr. McPhillips sees himself as benevolent, above the fray. But by placing closure of the landfill to any land donation, Mr. McPhillips has effectively tarnished any credit for benevolence he may have mustered. In other words, at least in my opinion, using any form of extortion to gain a personal desire cannot be ( and should not be ) construed as a simple gesture of kindness or benevolence, no matter how it's spun.

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