Letters to the Editor - July 5, 2013

Raise money another way

The Nazarene Church on the Hill is about to embark on a huge building project: two enormous soccer arenas on the perimeters of their property that border Hillside Retirement Community.

You know the size of the big metal building at the Heritage Museum on Highway 18? Imagine two of these right outside your living room windows. Two walls of steel as long as a football field. What would this do to your property values or the quality of your life?

These large steel arenas on the edge of our property will adversely affect not only our quality of life but most probably it will also affect Hillside’s financial stability. These soccer arenas have the strong potential of inflicting a financial impact on 300 elderly people. Not once, but month after month to the end of their lives. Changing where we live is not an option for us. But finding another way to raise money is an option for Church on the Hill. This is supposed to be a residential community, not a commercial amusement site.

Yes, a church, just as any property owner, has certain rights to use its property for its own benefit. But it also has a Christian responsibility to its neighborhood. Church on the Hill, I appeal to your sense of fairness, balance and community. Please find another way to raise money for your church.

Jean Johnson



 Welcome back to 1260 AM

We are so happy we have 1260 back on our car radio. We don’t have to do all the searching to find something to listen to. We were really saddened when they left.

Welcome back. You make our day every time we get into the car.

Tooter Laughlin and Rosemary Rush


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